Important Advisories

Upgrade of Carabiner Pins For North by Honeywell Saf-T-Grip Sleeves, P/N 602-100-003

Saf-T-Grip Sleeves with a GOLD CARABINER PIN are affected by this advisory.
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Important Safety Notice caution

All Climbers on Saf-T-Climb Systems Must Tie-off With Shock Absorbing Y-Type Lanyards.
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Advisory: SAF-T-GRIP Sleeve

North Safety has received reports that the pin attaching the carabiner to the Saf-T-Grip sleeve has occasionally broken in ordinary use.
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New Saf-T-Grip Fall Prevention Sleeve

New Saf-T-Grip Fall Prevention Sleeve

North Safety Products is pleased to introduce its patent pending fall prevention sleeve “Saf-T-Grip™”, which is an important component of North’s Saf-T-Climb® Ladder Fall Prevention System.

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Saf-T-Climb Fall Prevention

Quality experience and service from the leaders in ladder climbing safety. The Saf-T-Climb fall prevention system provides total ladder- climbing safety for workers on any site-above or below ground; straight or curved. On water tanks, chimneys, antennas, communication towers, wind generators, drilling rigs, ships' masts or any other structure, Saf-T-Climb rigid rail fall prevention systems give climbers the protection and security they need to be effective and productive. The Saf-T-Climb system has over 60 years of safe climbing experience and is so easy to use, workers use it! Saf-T-Climb is frequently the specified rigid rail ladder safety device used by industry and government. The components for Saf-T-Climb system are : Saf-T-Notch Carrier Rail, Ladder Rung Clamps and a Saf-T-Harness. Easily installed by your own personnel at less than 1/3 the cost of a cage, the Saf-T-Notch Carrier Rail attaches to any ladder or climbing surface. The Saf-T-Climb system permits safe worker movement. Installation of a Saf-T-Climb fall prevention system means instant compliance with OSHA climbing safety regulations. Saf-T-Climb fall prevention systems are an excellent choice for quality, experience and service.


OSHA 1910.27 - 1926.1053
ANSI A14.3-2002

OSHA also requires that ladder with existing cages be modified with offsetting platforms with ladders so that there are no continuous stretches of ladder over 30 feet in length. In most ladder cages, you can install the Saf-T-Climb system within the existing cage to meet all OSHA standards for ladder climbing safety without the expense of adding offsetting platforms or modifying your cage. Our specialists are available to assist with drawings, design, compliance issues and writing specifications.

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Saf-T-Climb Videos

Proper Climbing Techniques for the Saf-T-Grip Sleeve

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Saf-T-Climb Products

Saf-T-Grip Fall Prevention Sleeve

North Safety Products is pleased to introduce its patent pending fall prevention sleeve “Saf-T-Grip™”, which is an important component of North’s Saf-T-Climb® Ladder Fall Prevention System. The Saf-T-Grip™ Sleeve travels on straight or curved climbs, and is designed to protect climbers in the event of a fall. The sleeve has dual fall arrest capabilities. The friction enhancing wheel provides constant contact with the rail as a climber moves up and down the rail.When properly used, the sleeve design assures each climber safe and reliable fall protection.

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Saf-T-Grip Fall Prevention Sleeve

The Saf-T-Climb Harness (for ANSI Type III systems) is designed to distribute the impact forces of a fall over the thighs, buttocks, chest and shoulders. The harness is designed to perform optimally with the Saf-T-Climb fall prevention system. The harness, constructed of woven nylon, features forged steel buckles, front and back "D" rings, sliding shoulder rings and adjustable padded straps.

Features and Benefits:
  • Integrated back and shoulder pads
  • Conforms to the wearers shape to provide all-day-comfort
  • Fast-action bayonet style connectors
  • Allows quick and easy donning
  • Sweat wicking pad fabric
  • Keeps wearers comfortable in hot conditions
  • Light weight polyester webbing
  • Offers superior UV and chemical resistance
  • Shoulder, leg pads and padded waist belt
  • Comfort for the user
  • Available in small to X-Large
  • Sized harness for the best fit
  • With shoulder, side positioning, back and naval d-ring
  • Can be used for a variety of applications
  • CSA approved and ANSI/OSHA compliant
  • Meets all North American regulations

Harness Combo:
  • Z259.10-M90
  • Z259.1-95
  • Z359.1-1992(R1999)
  • A10.14-1991


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The North Y-lanyard is an energy absorbing component which can be used in a variety of configuration to make a “shock absorbing” lanyard to suit your needs. The Y-lanyard gives the user 100% tie when they are climbing ladders or have to transverse around an obstruction. The controlled tearing action of the soft pak has been proven again and again over the years of service to limit the energy of a fall to less than 900lbs (4 kN). Engineered and tested for reliability, the soft pak provides peace of mind. Soft pak is engineered to meets or exceed the performance criteria set by ANSI OSHA and CSA for energy absorbers.

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Weather Proof Saf-T-Climb Storage Box

The Saf-T-Climb Storage box stores two sleeves and two harnesses close to the ladder so that the climbers can access the equipment quickly while keeping the equipment safe from unauthorized users.

Features & Benefits
  • Water-tight
  • Mounts to structure
  • Sheet steel construction which is powder coated
  • Latch accepts standard padlock
  • User equipment stored in dry environment.
  • Quick, easy installation ,no welding
  • Maintenance-free, rust proof.
  • Ensures key-safe, by authorized climbers only
Weather Proof Saf-T-Climb Storage Box

Weather Proof Saf-T-Climb Storage Box
Saf-T-Mount Section

The Saf-T-Mount section is a unique device that allows the climber to dismount from the Saf-T-Climb system at predetermined points along the climb without jeopardizing safety. The worker may pivot 90° from the climb onto a platform or other safe work area before detaching from the system. The Sleeve can then be removed from the rail so that the climber may continue the climb on another ladder or other workers may pass on the same ladder. For maximum safety, before dismounting or remounting, the climber should be secured by a lanyard to a suitable anchor point. The Saf-T-Mount section is designed for permanent installation within the Saf-T-Notch rail at any desired point and must be included when the system is originally installed. Saf-T-Mount Sections are not required at the beginning or the end of a climb.

The Saf-T-Mount Section can be used in a variety of work situations. Examples include: work sites where more than one climber is required to work at different levels of the some climb; above water where the surface level may change; installed at intervals on climbs within chimneys where manlifts are used to allow access to the carrier rail for emergency exits; in the grain storage industry where emergency escape from silos and storage bins may be required. The Saf-T-Mount Section is 9" long replacing 6" of rail. It is available in Galvanized, Stainless Steel or Aluminum.

Saf-T-Pivot Dismount Section

The Saf-T-Pivot dismount section dramatically reduces the danger workers encounter when dismounting at the top of a ladder. It is designed to extend 4'6" above floor level. The climber can rotate completely around the rail in order to gain safe footing BEFORE detaching from the system. The sleeve can then be removed from the top of the rail if desired. Standard dismount sections are a minimum of 8', but longer custom lengths are available; call the factory for details. Recommended for every installation where a worker dismounts at the top of a climb. Removable Pivots available for climbs with Hatches.

Ladder Rung Clamps (Mounting Brackets)

Ladder Rung Clamps attach the carrier rail to the ladder or tower cross members at the top and bottom of the full installation, as well as every 6' in between*. The clamps are available in Galvanized, Stainless Steel or Aluminum to match the rail material. Rung Clamps come complete with attaching hardware. Attaching brackets for special applications such as poles are also available. *Aluminum rail is attached at 4' intervals.

Ladder Rung Clamps
Saf-T-Notch Carrier Rail

The Saf-T-Notch Carrier Rail is the rigid notched rail. Once installed, the rail becomes an integral part of the ladder or structure. Saf-T-Notch Rail absorbs the impact load of 500 lbs. in an 18" free fall, and is notched to provide a positive stop to control the distance a climber can fall. Saf-T-Notch Carrier Rail fits your requirements! The carrier rail is available in a variety of materials to match your needs and environmental conditions: Galvanized; Types 304L or 316L Stainless Steel and 6061-T6 Aluminum. Saf-T-Notch Carrier Rail is available in standard 20' lengths as well as whatever custom lengths are necessary to fit your job requirements. Saf-T-Notch rail may be curved at the factory to meet your specifications. Carrier Rail may also be specially configured for use in horizontal applications. Contact the specialist to discuss your special needs.

Features & Benefits
  • Rigid Rail notched 5/32" deep at 6" centers
  • Rail is extra strong and designed for maximum reliability
  • Available in a variety of materials, straight or curved, any length
  • Deep notches provide the certainty of the pawl locking, even if the rail is slippery, dirty or icy
  • Supports several climbers at one time; withstands drop tests of 500 lbs. dead weight from 18
  • Saf-T-Notch Rail is easy to customize to your particular needs, specifications and environmental conditions

Saf-T-Climb Resources

Saf-T-Climb User Manual
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Saf-T-Lanyard Technical Data Sheet
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Saf-T-Harness Technical Data Sheet
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